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In this post, you will find the vrat recipes. These fasting recipes can be made in any vrat like Navratri fasting, Janmashtami vrat, Ekadashi, duadshi, Shivratri, Pradosh etc.

These fasting recipes can be eaten any time during the fasting.

I have made all the recipes which are usually eaten in the vrat. All the ingredients are allowed to have in vrat.

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vrat recipes

If you do not eat some ingredient in the vrat then remove it from the recipe.

Please alter the recipe according to your taste, preferences and tradition.

These are easy to make and prepare in very less time.

What food is allowed during fasting?

The below items are allowed in the fasting.

  1. Flour: Kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour), singhade ka atta (water chestnut flour), Sama ke chawal ka atta (barnyard millet flour), vrat ke chawal (barnyard millet), Rajgira ka atta (amaranth flour) and rajgira (amaranth), sabudana (sago or tropical pearls), and arrowroot flour.
    You can further read my post on how to make singhara atta.
  2. Spices: Sendha namak, black pepper powder (kali mirch), cumin seeds (jeera), and carom seeds (Ajwain).
  3. Vegetables: Potato, tomato, pumpkin, Sweet potato (shakarkand ), Raw banana, bottle gourd (lauki), lemon, green chilli, ginger and coriander.
  4. Nuts: cashew, pistachio, Raisin(kishmish), almonds, makhana, coconut, and walnut.
  5. Fruits: All fruits are allowed in the fasting.
  6. Dairy products: milk, curd, paneer, khoya, cream, malai, white butter, desi ghee, lassi.
  7. Sweets: Any sweets made with khoya, paneer and nuts are allowed. You can have homemade sweets like potato halwa, sabudana kheer etc.

Which food is not allowed in fasting?

  1. Flour: Wheat flour, maida (refined flour), rice flour, rice, besan (chickpea flour), sooji, cornflour, bajra, bajra flour are not allowed.
  2. Pulses: All types of pulses, rajma(kidney beans), chole, soybeans etc. are not allowed in fasting.
  3. Vegetables: Onion and garlic are prohibited in fasting. The rest of the vegetables mentioned above can behave in fasting.
  4. Spices: salt, garam masala, turmeric, red chilli powder, mustard seeds, hing (Asafetida), and dhaniya powder ( coriander powder) are not allowed.
  5. Egg, non-vegetarian and alcohol are not allowed in fasting.

Vrat Recipes for Navratri

These are the Navratri vrat recipes which are categorized as snacks, lunch or dinner, and sweets.

Further, you can check out sabudana vrat recipes.

Snacks for fasting

These recipes can behave as a snack or for lunch or dinner. These are specially made for having in vrats.

Panner Pakora for Vrats/Fasting
These crispy, golden brown paneer pakoda will bring water in your mouth.
Check out this recipe
paneer pakora for vrat
Aloo chaat recipe for vrat
Crispy golden brown potato mixed in fresh coriander chutney and lots of tangy and spicy flavour in it.
Check out this recipe
aloo chaat for vrat
Upwas Dhokla
Upwas dhokla or we can say that dhokla for vrat (vrat ka dhokla). It is one of the easiest and very light food to have in vrats.
Check out this recipe

Vrat recipes for lunch or dinner

These recipes are made especially for lunch or dinner. I have shahi paneer recipe specially for vrat. These recipes will make a complete thali for breaking your fasting.

Shahi Paneer for Vrat
Shahi paneer specially customised for fasting(vrats).
Check out this recipe
Aloo Tamatar ki Sabji Vrat Wali
Aloo tamatar ki sabji vrat wali which is made with aloo and tamatar mainly. And all the spices which we can use on vrats. 
Check out this recipe
Sabudana Vada
Step by steps to make sabudana vada with pictures and video.
Check out this recipe
Sabudana Vada recipe
Kuttu Ki Puri Recipe
Learn step by steps for making kuttu ki puri. I am showing step by steps pics of it. And below there is a video demonstration also available.  
Check out this recipe
kuttu ki puri
Samak Ke Chawal Recipe
Learn how to make samak ke chawal. Below i have mentioned step by step recipe of it. 
Check out this recipe
samak ke chawal
Aloo Raita Recipe (Potato Raita Recipe)
Aloo raita for vrats recipe with two methods: 1. Plain and simple method. 2. Raita with tadka 
Check out this recipe
aloo ka raita for vrat
Sabudana Khichi Recipe
Learn the step by steps of making sabudana khichdi with photos and video. 
Check out this recipe
sabudana khichdi
Mint Coriander Chutney for Vrats/Fasting
Make this mint coriander chutney which is full of flavour.
Check out this recipe

Sweets recipes for vrat

Without sweets, a meal is not complete. So these recipes are made especially for vrat. In this, all the ingredients used which are allowed in vrat. Try this and share your feedback in the comments.

Aloo ka Halwa Recipe
Deliocious aloo ka halwa recipe garnished with pistachiou, almonds and Raisins (kishmish)
Check out this recipe
aloo ka halwa
Sabudana Kheer Recipe
Find the ingredients and step by step method of making this sweet dish made with sabudana and milk.
Check out this recipe
sabudana kheer
Lauki Kheer Recipe | Ghiya ki Kheer
Delicious kheer made with lauki/ghiya (bottle gourd) and milk. Also very few ingredients requried for making it.
Check out this recipe
ghiya ki kheer
Rasmalai Recipe | Rasmalai Recipe easy
Delicious soft paneer in the delicious milk. With flavour of dry fruit and kesar.
Check out this recipe
rasmalai recipe
Dry Coconut Burfi Recipe | Desiccated coconut burfi
Make this delicious dry coconut burfi which you can also have in fasting. It is easy to make.
Check out this recipe
dry coconut burfi recipe

You can read more vrat recipes here.

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