About Us

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Hi and Welcome!

I am Neetu Shukla from India. I am a housewife and mother of a very beautiful and naughty girl.

On this blog, you will find the food recipes in English and Hindi language. And other kitchen related tips and tricks.

I started this website to share my knowledge and earn some money online.

Before starting this website I created a youtube channel named Foody Shoody.

In the early stage and created the videos and upload them on youtube. Slowly, I learned many things about youtube and video creation.

After a few months I started this website with the help of my husband.

My husband Rohit, helped a lot in the website creation and maintaining it.

Initially, we started a blog only in the Hindi language.

But after a few months, we created the English version. So, the non-Hindi visitors can read the content of it.

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You can contact us if you have any suggestion, feedback, inquiries, advertisement enquire or reporting technical issues in the blog etc.