Sabudana Vrat Recipes

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This is the list of famous sabudana vrat recipes. Sabudana recipes are specially made in fasting or vrat like navratri, shivratri, ekadshi, duadshi, janmashtmi, etc.

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Sabudana Vrat Recipes

Sabudana is also called as sago. In english it is called as tapioca pearls.

In India it is made in various vrats. I also used to have dishes of sabudand in vrats.

Collection of sabudana recipes for vrat

Sabudana Vada

This is the crispy vada made specially in vrats. It tastes delicious due to the crispyness outside and soft from inside. You can have this with mint coriander chutney made specially for vrats.

Sabudana Vada
Step by steps to make sabudana vada with pictures and video.
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Sabudana Vada recipe

Sabudana Khichdi

This sabudana khichdi is cooked with potatoes, peanuts, and tomatoes. It taste soft and crunchy due to the peanuts in it. It is one of the most cooked recipe apart from kuttu ki puri, potato tomato curry and raita.

Sabudana Khichi Recipe
Learn the step by steps of making sabudana khichdi with photos and video. 
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sabudana khichdi

Sabudana Kheer

This sweet dish is made with sabudana and milk. This is creamy, smooth and easy to make. And lots of dry fruits added in it. There are few more sweet dish recipes like aloo ka halwa, makhana kheer etc. which you can enjoy in vrats.

Sabudana Kheer Recipe
Find the ingredients and step by step method of making this sweet dish made with sabudana and milk.
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sabudana kheer

Sabudana Thalipeeth

It is made in specially in Maharashtra. This recipe has been taken from the Spice of Curry

Sabudana Thalipeeth – Spice Up The Curry
Sabudana thalipeeth – all the delicious flavors of sabudana vada shaped into the thalipeeth (flatbread) form.
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Sabudana Khatti Meethi Namkeen Recipe

One of the very unique recipe with sabudana. Try this namkeen which is made with sabudana.

Sabudana Khatti Meethi Namkeen Recipe
Sabudana Khatti Meethi Namkeen Recipe is a delicious crunchy snack made with nylon tapioca pearls and can be eaten during fasting. It Is especially made for Navratri and because it is made for fasting there is no onion and no garlic in this recipe.
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Sabudana Kheer With Mangoes

Different kind of sabudana kheer with mangoes.

Mango Sago Kheer Recipe – Sabudana Kheer With Mangoes
Mango Sago Kheer, a sabudana Kheer where we have added mango to add some extra flavour and taste. As the mango is in season, you can make this kheer and enjoy with your weekend meals.
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If you want to make complete thali for vrat then you can check my vrat recipe collection.

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