Traditional Aam Panna Recipe

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Today we will learn the traditional aam panna recipe. It is a refreshing Indian beverage made with raw mangoes and some spices.

It is very popular across North India. It instantly cools down the heat of the body in summer. I will make aam panna with mint so that it protects us from heat.

It is very easy to make and prepared in very little time.

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traditional aam panna recipe

What Is Aam Panna?

It is a vegan, gluten-free summer drink. It is made with unripe mangoes( in Hindi ambi or kairi).

It is made in the hot summer in North India. It tastes a little tangy, a little sweet, and a flavour of cumin seeds and black salt.

In the local language, it is called mango panha, kaira ka panna or kairi ka apshola.

How aam panna is beneficial for health?

1. It is cool in nature. It cools your body in hot summer and prevents heat stroke.

2. It improves digestion.

3. Aam panna is rich in vitamin A and B, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and iron.

4. It is good for the eyes.

5. It helps in reducing diabetes (high blood sugar)

6. It helps in reducing depression also.

When to drink aam panna?

The best time to drink aam panna is when you are going outside in summer.

It will prevent you from heatstroke and dehydration.

Can aam panna be stored?

Yes, aam panna can be stored in the refrigerator for few hours.

But I would suggest always have fresh food. So, when you want to have it, make it that time and drink it.

Can aam panna be made with jaggery?

Yes, aam panna can be made with jaggery.

Instead of sugar, use jaggery for sweetening the aam panna. But the taste of aam panna will change due to jaggery.

The colour of aam panna will also change according to the colour of the jaggery.

I would suggest instead of using sugar, use jaggery instead.

aam panna recipe

Some other summer drink recipe

There are many other summer drinks and shakes which you can have in the summers.

I would suggest trying to avoid unhealthy cola drinks, packed juices and drinks. They have very large sugar content, artificial flavours, other unhealthy content.

Instead of it, you can have nimbu pani (shikanji), lassi, chaas, coconut water, sattu sharbat, watermelon, cucumber etc.

They are cool in nature. And will protect you from the heat in the summers.

You can enjoy my other drinks and ice cream in summer:

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Oreo Milkshake

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Fruit Custard

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Other Recipes made with mangoes

Aam ki launji is a sweet and sour chutney made with raw mangoes. Raw Mango and Onion Chutney is chutney to have with roti and paratha.

Some other chutney you can have with roti, puri, peas puri, paratha, naan, amritsari kulcha, rice, missi roti, tandoori roti etc. mint coriander chutney, guava chutney (amrud chutney), raw mango and onion chutney.

Aam Panna Recipe Video

Traditional Aam Panna Recipe

Aam panna is refreshing indian summer drink made with raw mangoes.
Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Keyword summer
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Pressure cook and cooling 30 minutes
Servings 4 Glass


  • 2 raw mangoes
  • 10-12 mint leaves
  • 6-7 tablespoon sugar or according to your taste
  • ½ lemon juice
  • ½ tea spoon salt according to your taste
  • ½ tea spoon black salt
  • ½ tea spoon roasted cumin seeds powder
  • few ice cubes


  • Boil the raw mangoes in pressure cooker. Turn off the gas after two whistle of cooker.
  • After cooling it, peel the mangoes by hand or knife
  • Seperate the pulp from seed of mango by hand.
  • Put pulp in the blender jar.
  • add fresh 12-15 mint leaves
  • Add 6-7 table spoon sugar (or according to your taste)
  • Add ½ teaspoon roasted cumin seeds powder
  • Add ½ tea spoon salt
  • Add ½ tea spoon black salt
  • Add 6-7 ice cubes
  • Add ½ glass water
  • Add ½ lemon juice
  • Blend in the mixer.
  • It is little thick. Now add 2 glass of water in it. And blend once again.
  • Serve in glass and add ice cubes. And garnish it with mint leaves.


You can increase or decrease salt and sugar according to your taste.
Do not add water while blending. Your aam panna concentrate is ready. You can store it in the refrigerator for a few days.  But, I would suggest always make a fresh drink when required. But you can store it for a few hours.

Traditional Aam Panna Recipe Video

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