Best Steel Pressure Cooker in India

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Are you looking for the best steel pressure cooker in India? We will guide you in this matter.

A pressure cooker is a very handy appliance in Indian cooking. It reduces the time of cooking and saves cooking gas.

When I am in hurry then I cook my food in a pressure cooker.

best steel pressure cooker

If we cook food in a pressure cooker then it requires less water to cook.

Cooking in a pressure cooker is very fast and convenient.

I have picked these 3 best selling steel pressure cookers in India.

List of Best Steel Pressure Cooker In Indian

Top 5 Best Steel Pressure Cookers in India

Hawkins Stainless steel pressure cooker

Hawkins is one of the best brands of pressure cookers in India. It is selling pressure cookers since 1959.

Its cooker is available in 1.5, 2, 4, 5 litres capacity.

These are tested by the USA laboratory for safety purposes.

Some of the features which are available in this product.

  • These cookers are also compatible with induction, electric, ceramic and even halogen cooktops.
  • It has extra thick base of 6.6 mm for uniform heating and no hotspots.
  • Its base is always flat and never bulges.
  • Its body always stay bright, does not pit or corrode. It always look new for many years.
  • Its inner lid type cooker. So, it does not open when there is a pressure inside it.


  • Warranty of 5 years.
  • Extra thick base of 6.6 mm
  • Compatable with induction, electric, ceramic and halogen cooktops.
  • Good looking design
  • Long life rubber gasket
  • Inward locking feature for better safety
  • Flat base so no hotspots and evenly heat spread.
  • Automatic safety valve

Prestige Deluxe Stainless Steel Cooker

Prestige is another one of the best pressure cooker brands in India. This pressure cooker is the best pressure cooker of its.

The main difference is that it is an outer lid pressure cooker.

Butterfly Cooker

It is another brand which is very famous. It also has good feedback.

It is also an outer lid pressure cooker.

How to select best pressure cooker?

There are many important points which need to be considered for buying a pressure cooker.

Type of pressure cooker

There are two types of pressure cooker stovetop pressure cookers and electric pressure cooker. Generally, electric pressure cookers are used for only cooking rice.

In India, stovetop pressure cookers are preferred which is known as pressure cookers.


Pressure cookers come in various capacities. You must buy that pressure cooker which fulfils your cooking requirement.


Aluminium, stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminium cookers are available in the market. I would suggest buying a stainless steel cooker. The benefit of buying a steel cooker is that it will not react with any type of food like acidic.

These are a little expensive as compare to aluminium.

Aluminium cookers will react to acidic food. So, it is not advised to buy it.

Hard-anodized aluminium cookers are better than aluminium cookers buy they are expensive and does not react to acidic food. They need little care while cleaning. Metal scrub is not advised to clean it.

I prefer stainless steel cookers instead of aluminium and hard-anodized aluminium cookers.


Stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminium pressure cookers are the most durable as compare to aluminium pressure cookers.

Which pressure cooker is best for health steel or Aluminium?

Aluminium reacts with acidic food items. If we are using acidic food items then it will react to the acid and change its property. So, we should avoid cooking acidic food in the aluminium pressure cooker.

Instead of that stainless steel pressure cookers do not react with any type of acid. So they are safe for health.

I would advise buying the stainless steel pressure cooker instead of aluminium pressure cooker.

Compatibility with Induction

If you use induction for cooking then you should choose cookers which is compatible with it. It is mentioned in the product that it is compatible with the induction or not.

Compatibility with dishwasher

If you use the dishwasher for cleaning utensils then buy that cooker that is compatible with the dishwasher. I would suggest that you should check this on the product description that dishwasher safe is mentioned on the product or not.

Generally, aluminium and stainless steel pressure cookers are compatible with the dishwasher. On the other side, hard-anodized aluminium pressure cookers are not compatible with the dishwasher.

Lid type – Inner lid vs Outer lid

Both the outer lid and inner lid pressure cookers are good. Generally, we have inner lid pressure cookers at the home. But if you want to use an idli stand then buy the outer lid cooker.


Generally, the warranty on pressure cookers ranges from 2 years to 10 years. I would suggest choosing the pressure cooker by remembering the above points not only the warranty.


I would suggest going with the Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. It is good in terms of durability, design, safety, brand, and warranty.

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