How to make Dry Fruit Powder for Baby

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Learn how to make dry fruit powder for baby. Dry fruit powder is very one of the best ways to feed your baby dry fruits and provide him sufficient nutrients in his diet.

I will tell you in detail when is the right time to start giving dry fruits powder to babies.

how to make dry fruit powder for baby

Dry fruit powder is suggested to give it after 7-8 months when kids started having cow milk.

There are many brands available in the market which sells this kind of product.

But, you do not have to spend money on it. You can easily make dry fruit powder for babies at home.

Dry Fruit Powder for Babies Benefits

Dry fruit powder has lots of vitamins, minerals and protein in it. It gives the necessary nutrients to growing kids.

It contains omega 3 fatty acid, iron, potassium etc. which is are essential for kids.

It helps in the overall weight management of the kids. Read more health benefits.

  • Good for weight gain: Dry fruits are high in calories and fat, So, it will help in the weight gain of babies.
  • Improves immunity: It contains lots of minerals, vitamins etc. It improves the immunity of the babies. For increasing immunity mix dry fruit powder in the milk.
  • No presevetives and chemicals: This homemade dry fruit powder has no preservatives and chemical. As the readymade dry fruits powder has lots of preservatives for increasing the shelf life. And they add chemicals for additional flavour.
  • Fill the tummy of baby: If we give dry fruit powder to the babies then it will fill the tummy and baby will not hungry frequently.
  • Easy to use: As this is in the powderr form we can use it anywhere. We can bring it in trainin travel, road travel etc.

How to give Dry Fruit Powder to Babies?

  1. Add in the milk. 1-2 pinch is enough for starting. After that you can give upto 1 teaspoon.
  2. Mix 1 teaspoon in mashed fruits, vegetable soup, dal, on top of roti etc.
  3. Sprinkle little bit powder on anything which you are giving to your babies.

Dry Fruit Powder for Babies Recipe Video

Dry Fruit Powder Recipe for Babies | How make Dry Fruit Powder for Babies

Learn the recipe of homemade dry fruits powder for babies.
Course Baby Food
Cuisine Indian
Keyword dry fruit powder recipe for babies, how to make dry fruit powder for baby
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 4-5 walnuts akhrot
  • 30-35 pistachios pista
  • 15 cashews kaju
  • 23-24 almonds badam
  • 8-10 Saffron Kesar
  • Raisins (kishmish) optional


  • Heat a pan on the gas. After its heated, put the walnuts in it and roast them on a low flame for about 1-2 minutes. Take them out on a plate.
  • Put the cashews in the same pan and roast them till the fragrant comes and their colour changed to light brown. This will take approximately 2-3 minutes. Take them out on the same plate.
  • In the same way, roast the almond and take them out on the same plate.
  • At last roast the pistachios in the pan and keep them with the other roasted dry fruits.
  • Turn off the flame, put some saffron threads into the same pan, as it is still hot, and roast them. Do not turn on the flame as the saffron threads will get burnt in that situation. Take it out on the same plate.
  • Keep all the dry fruits aside and let them cool. Once they cool down, put them into a mixer jar and grind them into a fine powder. Do not continuously run the mixer. Give 2-3 seconds break again and again so that the dry fruits do not release their oil.
  • Store this powder in an air-tight container and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • it is enough for 15 to 20 days for a baby


  1. if you are making it in winter then add nutmeg (jaiphal).
  2. You can add raisins (kishmish) also in it.