Amrud Ki Chatni (Guava Chatni)

By Neetu Shukla

January 15, 2022

Very Different Chutni Recipe

Have you heard about amrud ki chatni or guava chatni?

It is made with fresh raw guava and coriander leaves.These are the two main ingredients of this recipe.

Tip of Making Perfect Chutney

Use the raw guava (amrud) for it.

Do not over grind the chutney otherwise, it will become a very thin paste 

More Tips to enhance the flavour in the end.

Remove all the seeds from guava, chutni will not taste good. And cut into medium size pieces to make chatni.

Step One

Step Two

Put cut guava into blender jar. And add coriander leaves, green chilies and lemon juice in it

Step Three

Add all the spices in it like salt roasted cumin seeds, black pepper powder, indian black salt.

Step Four

Close the lid of jar and blend it. Do not make a fine paste. Just blend roughly. Your amrud ki chutney is ready.

More Tips to Enhance the flavour

You an add little bit of ginger, mint leaves(pudina), saunf (fennal seeds) in it. Any of them or combination of them.